Nation Action Plan 2020-2022

National Action Plan 2020-2022 
The process to developing the 2020-2022 action plan has focused on increasing the opportunities for stakeholders to engaged and participate in the process. After fourteen stakeholder consutlations focused on the policy goals of the draft action plan, electronic public consutlation and consultation with the National Council for Civil Society the 2020-2022 action plan focuses on creating and implementing meaningful government reforms towards a more open governance model that reflects the needs and wants of its citizens. On this page you will find the finalized action plan, overviews of the process and feedback that went into its development and any updates on the implementation process!

National Action Plan 2020-2022

Formal approval of the 2020-2022 Action Plan by the Integrated Policy Management Group for Good Governance and Public Administration (SHQIP/ENGLISH)

The completed National Action Plan 2020-2022 for Albania (SHQIP/ENGLISH) consists of:
  • 4 Components / Policy Areas 
  • 9 Commitments
  • 17 Priority Measures
  • 53 Milestones

Overview of Process

For an overview of the 2020-2022 action plan development process please see the following summary presentations:
Simplied process overview (SHQIP/ENGLISH)
Comprehensive process overview (SHQIP/ENGLISH)

Overview of Feedback

For an overview of stakeholder feedback and how it was incorporated into the plan please see the following summary reports (SHQIP/ENGLISH)

Monitoring Reports

To provide any feedback please contact us at or via the OGP Contact Webpage 

National Action Plan for Open Goverment 2020 - 2022(End Self-Assessment) (SHQIP/ENGLISH)

Annex of National Action Plan for Open Goverment 2020 - 2022(End Self-Assessment) (ENGLISH)