Methodology & Development Process

Improving participation, transparency and accountability central to Albania’s approach to the development and implementation of its 2020-2022 OGP action plan. 

To centralize the coordination of the action plan and provide oversight  the Development and Good Governance Unit within the Office of the Prime Minister acts as Technical Secretariat and Albanian Government Point of Contact (POC). Taking on additional responsibilities the POC has developed and implemented new framework for expanded co-creation to facilitate improved coordination, oversight, accountability and stakeholder involvement. 

The action plan consists of four strategic policy goals (components) with accompanying lead focal point institutions (LFPs) who have lead the development of that goal’s action plan in conjunction with civil society and key stakeholders. 
  • Anti-CorruptionMinistry of Justice  (MoJ); Ministry of Finance & Economy (MOFE)
  • Digital Governance / Public ServicesNational Agency for the Information Society (NAIS); Service Agency for the Provision of Integrated Services (ADISA)
  • Access to Justice - Ministry of Justice 
  • Fiscal Transparencythe Ministry of Finance & Economy 

2020-2022 Action Plan Development Process

  • Announcement of the Deputy Prime Minister: Commencement of the Drafting of the Open Government Partnership Action Plan (OGP) 2020 - 2022()(SHQIP/ENGLISH)
  • Commencement of the OGP Drafting Process(SHQIP/ENGLISH)
  • Explanatory note: Action Plan Development Process(SHQIP/ENGLISH)
  • Action Plan Development Process Management Calendar (ENGLISH)

Methodology for Drafting the 2020-2022 Action Plan 

  • Explanatory note: Methodological Approach (SHQIP/ENGLISH)
  • Explanatory note: Co-Creation, Participation & Consultation Process  (SHQIP/ENGLISH)
  • Action Plan Structure (Annex 1) (SHQIP/ENGLISH)
  • Structure for Lead Focal Point (Annex II) (SHQIP/ENGLISH)
  • Lead Institutions by component (Annex III) (SHQIP/ENGLISH)
  • Methodology for the Drafting Process (Annex IV) ( SHQIP/ENGLISH)
  • Calendar of the Action Plan Finalization Process (Annex V) (SHQIP/ENGLISH)
  • Template: Structure of the Action Plan (Annex VI) (SHQIP/ENGLISH)
  • Template: Structure of the Action Plan 2 (Annex VII) (SHQIP/ENGLISH)
  • Components proposed for the new OGP plan 2020-2022 (Annex VIII) (ENGLISH)
  • Indicator Template(Annex IX) (ENGLISH)

Support Tools for LFPs for Drafting the 2020-2022 Action Plan   

The government of Albania has developed and implemented a new series of support tools, mechanisms and procedures for the LFPs that provide a framework for expanded co-creation and facilitate institutional accountability for both the 2020-2022 action plan and from which to further build for future action plans.
  • Guidance for conducting virtual meetings guidance (ENGLISH)
  • Pre-Consultation report template (ENGLISH)
  • Consultation report template (ENGLISH)
  • Consultation report POC feedback framework (ENGLISH)
  • Guidance for prioritizing commitment ideas (ENGLISH)
  • Prioritization tool/exercise for LFPs (ENGLISH)
  • Prioritization matrix template  (ENGLISH)

Meetings with OGP Experts    

4 August 2020 – Meeting with Senior Regional Coordinator OGP, Europe
17 September 2020 – Meeting with OGP and IRM Representatives
  • Agenda(ENGLISH)/Minutes(ENGLISH)
  • Operational Conclusions(ENGLISH)
  • Evidence of attendance(Photos)
  • Presentation: Progress on Drafting the New Action Plan 2020-2022(ENGLISH)
  • Presentation: New Methodological Novelties for the 2020-2022 Action Plan (ENGLISH

15-16 October 2020 – Western Balkans OGP Regional Meeting