Overview of Albania’s National Action Plan (NAP) 2020-2022

Overview of Albania’s National Action Plan (NAP) 2020-2022  
On this page you will find all the information about the new action plan and the open government commitments, the development of the new action plan, how civil society helped to shape the new plan and all related documents and data.

Explanatory notes for a summary of the 2020-2022 action plan development process: Methodology & Development Process

How the new action plan development process was structured and the methodology used to improve the drafting process. This section provides access to all the guiding documents and templates created for participating public institutions as well as summarizing explanatory documents and information from meetings with regional OGP experts that helped to improve the process as it went along. 

Co-Creation Process

Significant efforts were made to increase opportunities for stakeholder involvement and enable improved public participation towards the co-creation of the 2020-2022 action plan. Materials relating to all the initiatives and tools – from pre-consultative surveys to consultative meetings - to increase stakeholder engagement are included. For an overview of the co-creation process this section also provides access to summarizing explanatory documents. 

Components / Policy Areas of National Action Plan 2020-2022 

This section provides more details on the development of commitments within each area of policy focus. This section includes all materials used in the co-creation process for each components including the resources provided to stakeholders and all presentations, documents and reports from stakeholder consultations.  

National Action Plan 2020-2022 

Here you will find the finalized national action plan for 2020-2022 and an overview of what is included in the action plan. During implementation you will also find relevant information on its implementation.