The Open Governance Partnership (PQH) is an international voluntary initiative aimed at securing government engagements in promoting transparency, empowering citizens, fighting corruption, and using new technologies to strengthen governance. Albania became a member of the OGP in September 2011.
In accordance with the rules of this mechanism, the Governments and civil society of the participant countries prepare National Action Plans as declarative instruments for reforms or concrete commitments undertaken over the course of two years in support of the values and objectives of the OGP.
The National Action Plan for the OGP 2018-2020 is the fourth plan drafted by the Albanian Government as a participant in this initiative.
This action plan foresees important engagements in supporting key processes of strategic development and European country integration such as well-regulation and enhancing transparency in governance, good public resource management, improved citizen services and the fight against corruption.
Implementation of the OGP Action Plan 2018-2020 will largely serve the improvement and transformation of governance in the country, in line with the priorities of the Albanian Government Program 2017-2020 and the demands of Albanian society and citizens.
The OGP 2018-2020 Action Plan consists of 4 components:
- Component I: Open Governance to Increase Transparency in Government Reporting and Improve Accessibility to Information;
- Component II: Open Governance to Modernize Public Services and Electronic Governance (E-Gov);
- Component III: Open Governance for Better Regulation;
- Component IV: Open Governance for Creation of Safe Communities;
Each component has clearly defined goals, specific objectives associated with score and product indicators, measures related to these objectives, responsible institutions, costs and respective budgets.

In accordance with the principle of co-creation of commitments to the OGP, within the mechanisms of the GMIP thematic Groups on Good Governance and Public Administration, a number of consultative processes and activities were conducted with the participation of key state institutions, international development partners and integration and some civil society organizations. The OGP Action Plan 2018-2020 is the product of this co-creation process.
The publication of the draft OGP 2018-2020 Action Plan on the electronic records and consultancy register aims to broaden the citizen base, the general public, civil society organizations and experts who, with their contribution and recommendations, will improve this package of proposed commitments, towards the common goal of enhancing transparency, accountability and accountability of public governance.
The process of consultation of the OGP 2018-2020 Action Plan will be completed by 2018.