OGP Albania

Albania began participating in the OGP in September 2011. As part of OGP participation, countries undertake commitments to a two-year action plan.
The OGP's first 2011-2013 action plan focused primarily on increasing the quality and efficiency of public utilities management by implementing measures in the area of fiscal transparency, access to information, the use of information technology (IT) and the participation of citizens in the process of public policy development.
During 2014, the second Action Plan for OGP was drafted. The drafting of this plan was made with a long consultation process with broad participation of interest groups.
The second action plan entered into force in July 2014. In implementation of the government program and the OGP plan, a policy document for the implementation of open data was adopted, which was approved by a Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 147, dated 18.2.2015.